Otto esecuzioni perfette



ANNA E ALEX, brand of italian handmade premium bijoux


Photo concept, adv campaign, catalogues, re-design of the logo, stationery, corporate identity, packaging, website design.


CONCEPT: The advertising campaign plays on the double meaning of the claim, perfect executions refers to the handcrafting of the bijoux and to the murders of the women. Eight crime scenes present a collection of 8 new items in a fifties atmosphere that connects the brand to the golden age of the italian fashion and manifacture.


Francesco Ciccone
Set design: Andrea Castorina
Make up and hair style: Lorena Trivellone


    malica_anna-e-alex-00 malica_anna-e-alex-5 malica_anna-e-alex-19bis malica_anna-e-alex-2 malica_anna-e-alex-3 malica_anna-e-alex-4 fCic_20100326_0012 malica_anna-e-alex-7 malica_anna-e-alex-75 malica_anna-e-alex-16 malica_anna-e-alex-15 malica_anna-e-alex-14 malica_anna-e-alex-8 malica_anna-e-alex-17 fCic_20100227_0097-Edit fCic_20100227_0155-Edit malica_annaalex-web1 malica_annaalex-web2 malica_annaalex-web3 malica_anna-e-alex-6 malica_anna-e-alex-1 orecchino-malica malica_anna-e-alex-18

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