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Lowe Home is a tumblr about design, home, inspiration and interior spaces. This project aims to transform the tumblr in a monthly magazine, shaping a concept and the editorial design.

The basic concept of the design comes from the illusory contrast between geometric patterns, manufactured elements and organic, natural shapes and textures. This division finds harmony in the golden section, in which the spiral is generated starting from squared frames. The layout and its elements are based on squares whose side lengths are successive Fibonacci numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. The smallest square’s side measures 40 typographic pt in order to have a baseline of 10 pt and a grid totally designed on the golden section.

    covers lowehome-elements lowehome-grid-01 lowehome-closeup-02 lowehome_-copy lowehome_02-copy lowehome_04-copy lowehome_08-copy lowehome_12-copy lowehome-grid-02

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